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So as a result, the sports announcers will always downplay and insult the neighborhood of the Chicago bulls stadium. Telling people, it’s best to not do business around the area, and it’s better to go somewhere else Ironically, the bulls in the Blackhawks are in the same stadium. But when bringing up the Blackhawks, they rarely ever talk about the bad neighborhood that surrounds it. … then took half of the responses that came out truthful and ran them through the script again to split them 50/50 between honesty and lies/misrepresentations/exaggerations… and then did it AGAIN…. Donald Trump is so thoroughly and deservedly associated with dishonesty, both casual and calculated, that asking a question involving the word “trustworthy” is rhetorical, bordering on tautological. Trump supporters won’t be dissuaded from their support, regardless of what he did. They just won’t give “snowflakes” the satisfaction of seeing Trump go down the drain. The Republicans are sore losers, Trump’s very presence exists because it killed the Republicans that a.Black candidate won two back-to-back elections.

One of the primary benefits of using shaping as a way to train your pup is that it encourages them to think. It encourages them to try new behaviors and take risks that they might not ordinarily take without being rewarded. Through this process, you are able to positively reinforce specific behaviors that you want from your pup. Lastly, shaping allows for faster results than some other methods of training. If a trainer is consistently reinforcing positive behaviors then it should take less time for the pup to understand what is expected of them and develop those desired behaviors. Canidae has one extant subfamily, Caninae, and two extinct subfamilies, Borophaginae and Hesperocyoninae. Within Caninae there are three tribes, Canini, Vulpini, and Urocyonini. Canini includes dogs, wolves, jackals, other wolf-like canids, and South American canids. Vulpini includes true foxes and the raccoon dog. Urocyonini is the oldest and only contains the American gray fox and the island fox, which is basically just a gray fox population that exhibits island dwarfism.

Do you not realize that spaying and neutering are surgical procedures to prevent breeding? If you spay or neuter your dog, you won’t be breeding him or her. If you want to breed, which I’d highly discourage, keep your dog reproductively intact. Otherwise, opt for Operation. My best guess based on the stats in the U.S. that I have seen is no. In New York. homeless people outnumber homeless children. It might depend on what population (city, state) you are looking at. In some areas, there are many homeless women accompanied by children. Some homeless people do have dogs. Right now the statistics that are being collected are counting the homeless. To my knowledge, there are stats one can find on reports for homeless people with minors (children), I worked with a homeless data collection system and it did not count if the homeless person had a dog, just children, so I don’t think you are going to get objective numbers on the dog part. I think one might be able to look and see how many homeless got dog food given as a service or good as a person, and you could make a gross estimated guess Not normally, but just a couple of weeks ago I saw a picture of the girlfriend of our neighbor’s son who woke up their beagle (sleeping in bed with her) and he mangled her lower lip ( split it down the middle to the chin – it was nasty, to say the least). I met this beagle, he was a happy sociable dog, I saw no unwanted behaviors as he mingled with other dogs and many people at a party. He was a rescue, so who knows what traumas he endured in his former life or how they would be manifested in his current life?

I have only had rescue dogs and most have had no aggressive issues whatsoever, did have a lurcher who would cower when I pulled my belt out while changing my trousers, always gave him calm words and nice pets when he did this to reinforce that nothing bad was going to happen but he never really got over it. There is no single answer to this question as it depends on the individual dog and its eating habits. Some dogs will eat their food quickly, while others may take their time savoring every bite. Some believe that dogs should eat their food slowly to prolong their digestive process and ensure that all the nutrients are absorbed. This way, the dog gets the most out of its food and gets the necessary vitamins and minerals. Some dogs may eat their food quickly simply because they are in a hurry. However, if your dog is eating quickly and not getting the nutrition they need, it may be worth considering switching to a slower-paced diet. You start training slowly with positive reinforcement. Open all the doors with the car off and walk the dog around the car letting them sniff etc., then with praise have your dog put their paws on the footboard and give a treat, practice step by step never pushing your dog, and eventually, your dog will associate the treat with the car and that the car is ok, etc. Getting out is often easier but if needed you can train similarly or sometimes a gentle coaxing with a leash tug is all that’s needed. Last resort you could invest in dog stairs.

There is no one good breed. It is a question of the right dog, not the right breed. You need to look at how much time and money you have. For example, are you willing to pay a groomer or do your own grooming every day? That would eliminate a lot of breeds right there the answer is no. I adopted a blind 2-year-old Peke last year and he is a great dog. Unfortunately, he was recently diagnosed with cancer & starts chemo next week, which will cost about $5,000. That can happen to any breed of dog. No, but it’s inadvisable. The dog will learn to beg. We made that mistake with our first dog, to the point where he’d come and sit in front of us before we’d even started eating. Subsequent dogs may get scraps, but they’re always put in their own bowls. There are generally a lot of pitbull-type dogs and many people do not want them or other breeds are known for having issues. (20 of the 45 dogs for adoption at the local SPCA are pit-type dogs. The majority of them are listed as not good with other dogs.) A lot of people will not consider a senior dog or a dog with a disability. (10 of the 45 dogs at the SPCA are age 8 or older.) People want young healthy dogs that are already pretty well trained. Dogs that bark a lot and jump up on potential adopters or cower at the back of the cage/run often get passed over. Dogs that are bonded are hard to place (a pair that must remain together) Dogs that are not good with cats, kids, and or other dogs are harder to place as are giant dogs. So are dogs that are, well…. ugly.


I adopted a 2-year-old blind Pekingese dog. They only had 2 applications for him and he went to me as I had experience owning a blind dog. Younger small/toy dogs are generally very easy to place. Wolves learned that if they hung around the mobile human encampments they could feed well off the refuse people threw away following a successful hunt. The more daring animals, with less fear, were able to get closer to people and were better fed than the more timid animals. Over time their offspring grew even less afraid and since both humans and wolves share a pack mentality they already shared a lifestyle. I’m sure humans realized that wolves could act as early warning systems for other dangerous animals or even encroaching humans. I’m quite sure that humans then found the antics and cuteness of puppies entertaining like we do today. It’s also thought that wolves began changing into dogs at this point. There’s a type of dog called a pariah or village dog that looks the same all over the world. Yellowish coat, erect ears, and curly tail. When domestic dogs go feral this is what they revert to.