Mercaritee – Celine Dion 40 years of 1981 2021 signature thank you for the memories 2022 t-shirt

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As for specificity—that refers to the design details and delightful minutiae that make me fall in love with each new wardrobe addition. Acquiring new clothing and accessories is a joyfully ongoing process that takes place both at brick-and-mortars around the world and in online marketplaces like StockX, which let me access the exact hard-to-find, sometimes sold out pieces I’m hunting for (and millions more) without fear of being duped. Once I track down my holy grails—a slightly sparkling cropped cardigan; an open-weave navy shirt just right for a summer getaway; ‘70s-inspired jacquard shorts; a pair of everyday beige leather sneakers—I can be sure that every piece has been verified authentic before it reaches my doorstep. Even better, I can add each piece to cart knowing that it’s been priced at true market value, ensuring that I can get what I want without breaking the bank.

Celine Dion 40 years of 1981 2021 signature thank you for the memories 2022 t-shirt

Getting dressed has become a daily opportunity to show myself and the world who I am, sometimes before I even have the language to say it out loud. Over time, I’ve solidified my sense of self and relinquished much of my shyness in the process—and while I no longer struggle to speak up for myself, I’ve found that in many instances, my style can convey volumes about me before I do. In January 2022, the actor Ralph Fiennes took a helicopter ride over New York, looking down like a god on the avenues, expressways, and bridges that shape the city’s daily life. He studied the view with care, not as a tourist might, but as preparation to play the man who created much of it all: Robert Moses, once the most powerful urban planner in the world.

Celine Dion 40 years of 1981 2021 signature thank you for the memories 2022 t-s hoodie

As time went on, I continued to try and assert my independence by declaring style preferences that contradicted my mother’s while falling directly in line with that of my classmates. She was baffled by the endurance of logomania, often wondering aloud why anyone would pay to become a walking billboard for someone else. Of course, defining yourself solely in comparison or contrast to someone else is an exercise in futility; I needed to learn how to own my personal style, regardless of whomever may be in close proximity to me. With time, patience, trial, and error, I’ve found that multiplicity and specificity are the keys to unlocking sartorial confidence. These days, I let my mood direct the winds of my wardrobe, which gives me a variety of options to work with. I go up for contemporary downtown designers and storied fashion houses, and track streetwear drops and vintage finds worn by ‘90s sitcom stars. I’ve learned that I’m drawn to dizzyingly tall platforms but can easily be swayed by the clean lines of a throwback trainer. I love the simplicity of head-to-toe black and can rarely resist a bold patchwork piece. There are some day-to-day mainstays, like my ever-growing collection of silk scarves, which I wear as headbands, neckerchiefs, and any other iteration I can twist and tie them into. Still, I’m happiest when my clothes are as fluid as my identity, letting me shapeshift into a perfect visual representation of how I feel on any given day.

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