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A testament to the video’s enduring style appeal: Jackson’s main outfit is now in possession of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. Jackson continued her streak of African-inspired fashion for the feel-good single “Together Again.” In the visual, Jackson sits in an arid climate among elephants, cheetahs, camels, and a gang of punk dancers. Perhaps this is also a nod to the great Jean Paul Gaultier and his colorful punk 1996 collection. The reference would make sense; Jackson recently revealed she has repeatedly been inspired by the designer.

Atlshawty deion sanders shirt

But perhaps the most instantly recognizable look from this period appeared in the futuristic video for “I Get So Lonely.” The singer provides an intriguing, feminine take on the men’s zoot suit by styling a leather corset over a white button-down and tie, expertly blurring traditional gender codes. The look has been replicated and referenced a few times since, including by Britney Spears in “Me Against the Music” and Rihanna during her “Talk That Talk” album shoot.

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Smartphones and social media did not exist in 1997, so opportunities to extend and build upon the album’s visual codes were obviously more limited. But images of Jackson at various release parties for The Velvet Rope feel like a fabulous portrait of ’90s style. At the LA celebration, Jackson sports loose trousers and a see-through crocheted cardigan with bouncy red curls. One can easily imagine spotting the look on an off-duty model strolling through the Lower East Side.

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