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Textured lengths and vivid lips defined this week’s most noteworthy beauty Instagrams, two playful beauty notes born of summer that will translate seamlessly into the coming autumn months. To match the vibe of her vacation time, Taraji P. Henson chose a mane of taut braids with loose, air-dried strands left at random for maximum summertime insouciance. Taylor Hill walked followers through her tousled wave routine, as elsewhere, Helena Christensen beat the heat by chopping her waist-skimming brunette hair to the shoulder, celebrating the shift with a swipe of poppy red lipstick. That same brand of look-at-me lip color found fans in Alicia Keys (cherry, paired with stylized edges), Lady Gaga (wet-look carmine), and January Jones (bright coral).

I’m Not Arguing Im Just Explaining Why I’m Right Shirt

Gross’s content extends beyond Hermès pieces to other brands that fall under the “coded, quiet luxury” bracket that he adores. “It can be a feeling, a smell or even a 40-year-old sweatshirt that fits perfectly—to me, it’s about the simplicity in the precise execution that is the pinnacle of luxury,” he shares. “Brands like The Row, which I’m completely infatuated with, are nailing this with their incredibly easy, dynamic pieces that are made to last for generations—I’m all about buying quality over quantity, which is what drew me into this whole world in the first place.” As part of the new wave of creators focused on informative content, Gross has high hopes for an inclusive future in the fashion industry where editorial and social-media lines are blurred. “We’re headed to a place where traditional fashion media is changing and social content will be more regarded as editorial—even editors are increasingly becoming social-media influencers, too,” notes Gross. “It’s positive that these crossovers are happening organically, and seeing how brands respond to these shifts is nothing short of mind-blowing.”

I’m Not Arguing Im Just Explaining Why I’m Right Shirt Hoodie

When asked what are some of the most intriguing facts about Hermès goods, Gross says, “[The Hermès team] mean it when they say their products are yours forever – you can bring in a Birkin or a Kelly inherited from your grandmother and they’ll take apart the entire bag to replace even just the smallest bit of hardware and stitch it all back together again seamlessly.” The devil truly is in the details: “The H-shaped zipper-stop is something a lot of people don’t notice but is a signature, or the number of stitches in each handle attachment is precise, depending on the size of the bag, of course. Also, contrary to what some might think, the feet on Birkins can never be unscrewed, as the hardware is placed backwards and hand-pearled.”

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