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Below, Dawn shares more of her gym to desk tips and tells pvtboutique about starting her business, making time for her family, and the Uniqlo Sport pieces she relies on for her busy day to day life. No Day Is the Same for a Business Owner and MomSometimes I wish I had a typical day! Every day is so different. I think that’s part of owning a small business with my husband; we both wear so many hats. We try to keep mornings consistent: We wake up, make breakfast together, walk the dogs, meditate, and maybe do a little light yoga. Then around 9:00 a.m., it’s off to work I go! Some days that means I’m overseeing an e commerce shoot in the studio, and some days we’re shooting on location. Other days I’m in the office designing new pieces, while others are spent hunting for dead stock fabrics. I try to get home by 3:00 p.m. every afternoon to spend time with my son, River. I spend a lot of the afternoon playing outside with him. Eventually I make dinner for the family, and once we put River to bed, I get to spend a little time with my hubby.

Kobe and shaq at Lakers media day shirt

When it comes to easy, breezy West Coast style, few do it better than Christy Dawn. On a typical day, you’ll find the Los Angeles–based mom and designer in a mix of her own dresses (which are responsibly made from recycled dead stock fabrics), a vintage jacket, and a few of her go to Uniqlo Sport pieces. “I definitely wear my activewear to breakfast or even to work,” Dawn admits. “I’m all about being comfortable, and girls in L.A. are more relaxed about wearing their gym clothes out in public. It’s the look here right now.” Of course, she has a few tricks for pulling it off: Swap out your running shoes for sandals, or throw on a stylish outer layer. “I always try to add something after my workout, like a sweater or a jacket, so I don’t look like I literally just left the gym,” she says.

Kobe and shaq at Lakers media day s Hoodie

I was reading a previous, very old interview in which you mention you don’t have much of a relationship with the public. You finish a project; people see it in a gallery. It’s not very collaborative in the end, although you used to be quite prolific on Twitter. Is this collaboration a way to change that, to have people wear and engage with your work in some way? I would hope so. I have no disengagement with my public, in fact, I adore them. I’m a very shy person, and I can’t both make my work and engage with the public as a public figure because of that shyness. How did you choose which artworks to include in the collection? Did Kim tell you anything about the clothing or the staging of the show? Kim knew that I had made drawings with animals in them and asked me to make some new works with leopards, specifically. These spotted patterns were then used for prints on the fabrics. Other imagery was pulled from already finished works in my archive. I was impressed that Kim was interested in both images and text for the collection.

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