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How often you change your period undies depends on your flow and the style you choose. Take these Thinx period pants, for example. They hold three tampons worth of blood, so think about how long it takes you to get through three tampons and go from there. Most period pants can be worn for 10-12 hours before being changed, but you’ll know when your time’s up when they begin to feel a little heavy. Supermodel Kate Moss is taking the sheer dress to its logical conclusion: essentially, nakedness. To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with that! Men get away with vis nip that’s visible nipple—spread it around all the time. And Moss has never been one to shy away from sexy, revealing looks. Good for her, etc.

Don toliver life of a don don toliver album merch shirt

Attending a Diet Coke party* what is that? Can I go to one? Please? at the posh London restaurant Annabel’s, Moss looked like a hot sparkly fashion wizard. She paired black heels and black panties with a shimmery, gossamer dress that dips nearly to her navel, revealing a few necklaces. She carried a silvery clutch and topped the whole ensemble off with a black cloak that is giving He Who Must Not Be Named. Madam Malkin is shaking. Is there a wand in that purse? I’d believe it. This is an elegant, grown-up twist on a classic Kate Moss look. At the 1993 Look of the Year contest party, the model wore black panties and a shimmery see-through slip dress it was a whole thing! , though back then she went makeup-free and wore flip-flops. Ah, youth. As the sheer dress trend shows no signs of slowing down, Moss is quickly becoming its queen. She rocked sheer florals in September and a slightly sheer Greco-inspired look for the WSJ Magazine’s Innovator Awards earlier this month.

Don toliver life of a don don toliver album merch s hoodie

*Moss is a creative director of Diet Coke. “I am thrilled to join the Diet Coke family – I love the past collaborations they’ve done with such incredible names in fashion,” Moss said in a statement in July. “As creative director, I’m looking forward to inspiring fans and celebrating the brand’s 40th birthday in style.” As we all know, smaller gifts tend to be the best ones – and there are few things as exciting as a jewellery box-shaped presents. The best jewellery gifts are those that show you truly know the recipient, so, if you really care about them, you’re going to want to put some thought into it. Think about it: your own jewellery box is likely filled with pieces tied to memories – whether that be the time you last wore the item or the person who gave it to you. So you’ll want to evoke the same nostalgia in whoever you’re buying for. The aim is to give them something they’re never going to want to take off, something that’s therefore always going to be special to them. Sound daunting? Fret not, the best jewellery brands will serve you well when it comes to picking pieces that can be cherished for a lifetime, and to help you even further we’ve found 23 jewellery gifts below we guarantee they’ll treasure forever. Jewellery is a personal gift as it is, but you can make it even more so by giving them a necklace with the initial of their name on it.

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