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We get it—there are simply too many. So this year, we’re giving our editors a last-minute chance to add things that might have been left out. See all the things you really should read, watch, or listen to—as well as more of our year in terms of review coverage—here. In Hollywood, adult quirks considered substantial have long been inextricably linked with cosmopolitanism. Gay-focused TV shows are in dire supply, but even more scarce are gay protagonists who don’t live in New York, LA, or San Francisco. That’s why the HBO series Somebody Somewhere, which takes place in rural Kansas, is such a new movie for me this year. The film stars the bubbly humor Bridget Everett as Sam, a purposeless 40-year-old gay woman grappling with loss as she returns to her hometown, where she finds a strong community. in his openly gay colleague, Joel (played by Jeff Hiller), and a gay choir full of proud misfits.

Duuuval jacksonville jaguars playoffs clinched shirt

Somebody Somewhere may have some of the funniest voices in comedy today, but it’s not a very funny show — at least not on the surface. The series opens with Sam under the dim fluorescent lights of his office, reading and grading essays written by third graders. Sam, who recently lost the sister we know, burst into tears while reading an assignment about a girl who took the spare wheel off her sister’s bike and ran outside. Joel, now merely a colleague, follows Sam and checks on her. The two begin a polite, Midwestern small talk, and he offers to make an excuse for her so she can leave early. It was a random act of charity that lifted Sam’s spirits and laid the groundwork for a strong, multi-dimensional friendship. This is the main point of the show—gay people looking for each other in a context that rarely protects or values them.

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But don’t worry. For all of the show’s explorations of pain and difference, there are also scenes of ecstatic glee that spread throughout, including Sam and Joel singing a high-pitched version of “Don’t Give.” Up” by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush; Sam stalks her surviving sister’s husband as a form of protection after he makes her suspicious; and any scenes featuring Murray Hill as earth-shattering scientist Fred Rocco. Check out Someone Somewhere if you’re interested in a sincere yet realistic approach to portraying gay life in Central America. (There’s nothing as pleasingly polished as the Queer Eye reboot here, for example.) As Joel makes a touching revelation in one scene, when it comes to being a man of uncanny faith, ” For all the damn stuff I’ll never defend and all the times I’ve been disqualified, this is still where I find solace. There was a beat before a woman replied, “That’s called Stockholm syndrome.” It was the perfect encapsulation of whatever it was that I felt when I returned to my own religious-loving homeland—something that was both bitter and sweet.

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