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Episode seven of The Crown’s fifth season opens not with Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, or Princess Diana—or indeed any other royal family member that dominates the majority of the season’s screen time. Instead, it opens with an eager BBC reporter named Martin Bashir. Despite his best efforts, the program he works on, an investigative documentary series called Panorama, is not getting the traction he wants. A glimmer of hope arises when he hears a rumor that the Princess of Wales, spurred by Charles’s recent interview with Jonathan Dimbleby in which her husband admitted adultery, wants to share her side of the story. But how can he beat out much more famous and accomplished journalists like Oprah Winfrey and Diane Sawyer?

Pray for Damar 3 we are with you Damar love for 3 helmet shirt

By lying and manipulating, the show suggests. The Crown first includes a scene of Bashir asking a graphic designer to forge bank documents that imply Diana’s own staff is leaking information to Charles and the royal family. As the episode progresses, Bashir shows that to Diana’s brother, who then relays that to already immensely paranoid Diana. She agrees to talk and ends up baring all in a televised interview with Bashir, admitting to suicidal thoughts and bulimia and uttering a damning line about Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles: “Well, there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.” The Crown is known for exaggerating and sensationalizing story lines. But in the case of Diana’s infamous “An Interview With HRH the Princess of Wales” TV special, what is historically accurate—and what is just histrionics?

Pray for Damar 3 we are with you Damar love for 3 helmet s Hoodie

For decades, Bashir’s 1995 interview was regarded as a journalistic triumph. Immediately after airing, it dominated television chyrons and newspaper headlines around the world. (Although the reactions were wide-ranging: “Fury of a Princess Scorned” read The Daily Telegraph’s headline the next day, whereas the Chicago Sun-Times called the whole thing “quite bland.”) Bashir and producer Mike Robinson would go on to receive the BAFTA Award for best talk show in 1996, and many described it as one of the scoops of the century. In 2020, after years of whispers and outcry about Bashir’s alleged unethical behavior, the BBC appointed the former UK Supreme Court justice Honorable Lord Dyson to lead a formal investigation. He wrote the Dyson report: The exhaustive, investigative 127-page document outlines the way Bashir manipulated the Spencer family into the Panorama interview—and his subsequent attempts to cover up having done so. The BBC published the findings in 2021.Here’s what Dyson discovered.

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